Manuscript submission: 15.1.2023

Manuscripts should be submitted in MS Word format (.doc), Times New Roman 12 (footnotes 10) by e- mail to the address: or

Papers should be written in English. The title of the paper, the author’s name, surname and academic or professional status should be indicated, as well as the name and address of the author’s place of work or home address and e-mail adddress.

Manuscripts will be subject to a double blind peer review and categorized as follows:

a) original scientific paper – the paper which is characterised by originality of conclusions, or which presents previously unpublished original results of scientific research;

b) review article – the article which contains detailed and comprehensive critical review of a certain problem area, but with no significant originality of results;

c) preliminary communication – the paper which presents primary findings of research in progress, which due to current interest require immediate publication, but without the level of deep and thorough study required for the scientific paper, and

d) professional paper – the paper which contains information and experience relevant for a certain profession, but without scientific characteristics.

Manuscripts, as a rule, should not exceed thirty-two double-spaced pages. They should include an introductory synopsis of not more than ten lines, a list of up to to five key words and a summary of not more than one double-spaced page. Notes should supply full data on references since they are not published separately. References should include the name of the author, the title, the publisher, place and date of publication and the number of the page(s) to which they refer.

The Editorial Board accepts for consideration exclusively previously unpublished papers. Authors retain the copyright on the papers published in the proceedings, but grant the right of the publication, both in printed and in electronic form, to the proceedings.

Abstract submission

October 30th  2022

(an abstract should not exceed 300 words)

Notification of acceptance

December 1st 2022

Full Paper submission

February 5th 2023

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